Sunday, March 17, 2013

New posts by teenagers! Also I'm going to the zoo!

Hello old friends! I haven't posted in forever and a day so I can't wait to talk more. I've decided to be more active here, posting maybe once a week, and not just about nature, other stuff too! Now I am a teenager now so ignore my crazy teen hormones I'm sorry.
About today, We visited the zoo! I'm working on a montage of pictures and videos that I'll be posting soon. It was really fun, did you know they're developing an African savanna area. They have a lion, he arrived last Tuesday, his name is Rizzo. I can't wait!!! Lions are my favorite, followed by tigers and panthers and wolves... OH! and in the small animals building they had two species of cat that are just adorable!!! I'll get some pictures, the black-footed cat and the sand cat. i don't have pictures of the black footed cat but I do have a picture of the sand cat, it looks something like that.